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I want to give credit and to thank the following French site for the Hajime no Ippo screen caps used here. Please check out their web site:

I would also like to say that the owner of the site:
made all the NT,HT screen caps. Please check out the live link on my links page. if you're the owner of that site, thanks for letting me use them on my wishlist page and on some of the gallery pages too!
So far it has been real rare to find NT,HT cels with matching backgrounds. I have seen a few. So with that said, if any cels listed here don't have a background I would still be interested.

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Hajime no Ippo - Outside the ring
Boxing poster cel. With Ippo on it. Medium
Cel with photo in it.. Medium
Sendo from this scene. Medium
Sendo vs Ippo. Would like it with the background or like the lower image. Medium
Now and Then, Here and There HAMDO
Almost any shot of Hamdo. High
Another Hamdo shot. Medium
Now and Then, Here and There
LALA-RU with her hair flowing like this. High
Now and Then, Here and There
Top of a wish list for my collection, I would love to get a cel from around this scene. Nabuca and Shu *SPOILER* just before Nabuca dies. If it had a matching background *O_O* Very High
A cel of Heliwood, YES! High
Another great shot from near the end. As I have said with a background *O_O* High
A cel of this guy. Medium
Tabool. Would like to get one or two cels. Medium

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