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Now and Then, Here and There "Because ten billion year's time is so fragile, so arouses such a bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness."

I just can't explain here how much I enjoyed this anime! Please, check it out if you get a chance.

"LaLa-Ru escaped from Heliwood into Shu's world using Abelia's bound system (awesome idea/ effect in the anime). Lala-Ru rarely talks but when she does, its usually something important or of relevance, or something that will leave you thinking for a while. When she doesn't talk, her eyes say it all. Hamdo, the insane ruler, wants Lala-Ru back. He tells Shu that Lala-Ru is actually something of a legend; he learned about her from the literature of one of the countries he subjugated before. Her pendant is very valuable, and that's what Hamdo is after. With it, she can control and produce large amounts of water, an element that is very rare and precious in that world, this is condensed in Lala-Ru's pendant, and only Lala-Ru has the power to free the water. Thus, Hamdo wants her very badly, because she could make or break his war campaigns."

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