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Hajime no Ippo - Ippo Makunouchi

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Fighting Spirit or Hajime no Ippo - Ippo Makunouchi
Hajime no Ippo, created by Morikawa Jyoji in 1990, is a very popular sports genre manga in Japan. Directed by Satoshi Nishimura (TRIGUN) HnI has been licensed by Geneon (formerly Pioneer) and runs 76 episodes of TV plus a movie and an OVA and a new series in 2009 "New Challenger".
The story is of Ippo Makunouchi a shy, gentle loner at school. Unable to hang out with his fellow classmates because he is too busy helping his mother run a family fishing boat service. Although strong for his age, he lacks the will and knowledge to fight back when bullied by some of his school mates. After one such attack by the bullies, he is saved by Takamura Mamoru, a professional boxer. This starts Ippo on his course to becoming a professional boxer. The story follows him on that quest. Someday i hope to have the cels posted in the order shown in the series, but for now please just enjoy the cels.

Ippo Makunouchi (JBC Champion)
SPECIALTY Punch - Gazelle Punch, Dempsey Roll, Liver Blow
BOXING STYLES - Infighter, Peek-a-Boo

 Eye of Ippo

 Ippo pan

 Pan from the right


 Ippo's corner


 *Ippo gif*

 Ippo with gloves

 Ippo sees her







 Ippo’s torso. B4

 Fighting Spirit / Hajime no Ippo. B7


 FX Ippo

 Blushing Ippo




 Cover up
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