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I hope you find the links posted here helpful or fun to go to. It's always fun to see other cel collectors galleries. p.s. Don't forget to use the search engine for shows/names on the top of the Rubberslug home page.

Forum - Join other cel collectors. - Love to talk about cels and anime? Join this anime forum of cel collectors.

Rubberslug Galleries - A partial list of members galleries I visit plus some additional Rs sites.

Tophus Gallery - Impressive collection of Hajime no Ippo cels! Fun site with video and sound clips from the show.
First Step - Another gallery of Hajime no Ippo cels!
monkeyboy's list of Galleries - I put together a list of over 40 Rs Galleries.
soda's gallery - Can you say RAGE? I thought you could! ^_^ Moved to rubberslug, I'm to lazy to add to my links page. ~_^
Shellie's Gallery - G Gundam and Wolf's Rain to name just two shows. I've purchased from her also. ^_^ I know a Rs gallery in this list.
Klet's Island of Misfit cels - Daa! Daa! Daa!, Escaflowne, Ranma 1/2 and a fine mix of other shows cels. I like to dunk my feet in the warm sandy water here!
Ronin's Cel Gallery - Several anime series in a fresh gallery, Outlaw Star and X are just two shows.
blueblade's anime art - Overall great gallery! Wonderful Project ARMS cels!
Quint's Cel Gallery - Good collection of Dragon Ball Z cels and sketches. Plus Inu Yasha, Spriggan and CB.
Intense Anime Gallery - Cel gallery of the eBay Store owner, see US Anime Sites below for that link.

Non Rubberslug cel galleries - Some of the sites I enjoy going to visit. Please, have a look yourself.

Gloden Boy's marzCelection - 24 series to view one of the best GB collections!
Katana's Edge Gallery - Kenshin cels and why I go here, Project ARMS cel collection!I have purchased cels and sketches from this wonderful collector too!
StubbornMule Images - Amazing CG image art gallery! Check out Uende's art, for the women who want their bishies fresh! Also visit her CHX cel gallery, here in slug-land. See my off site list of links above.
Drac's Blackhouse - A fine collection of cels and sketches. Plus a very informative guide to Yahoo Japan.
The Zone - Over sixteen anime series of cels & sketches plus fanfics. Get zoned out! ^_~
Journey To The Rest (Douga Party) - A very informative gallery of Saiyuki sketches and more. This is a direct link to the douga section.
LIZZARD.NET - Check out the Escaflowne cels and shrine. Wonderful Saiyuki sketches also.
evilminion - Awesome collection great layout too.
Hanaeleh Anime Cels - DBZ/GT, Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Plus more on this growing gallery.
Golden Dragon - DBZ cels and fine cels from other shows.
AnimeGalleryDB - One of the best Japanese DBZ cel collections! - Over 12 series and almost 1,500 cels/sketches to look at.
Gold Knight's Gallery - Yu-Gi-Oh,YYH,DBZ cels and more.
Gene_Gawl World - Amazing collection of G.Gawl cels.

Japanese Retail Sites - A list of some cel sites I've purchased from. Listed in no particular order.

Takamura Store - Anime cels, Artbooks, Settings, Toys and more. - cels and other anime items.
Anime Museum - membership site with good up-dates on cels, sketches and backgrounds.
Anime World Star - A japanese site, I have purchased cels from them off of Yahoo Japan.
Anime Cels World - A Japanese site with many series of anime shows.
Anime iland - cel site in Japan.
Mandarake World Store - Site for purchasing anime items and cels.

Jpapnese anime auctions - Auction sites for cels/anime and related tools

EMS Trace - Track your shipments from Japan
Celga Deputy Service - A deputy service site to help with Yahoo Japan Auctions and more. Check out thier backgrounds for sale too!
Mandarake Web Auctions - Japanese auction site of cels and other anime items.
Excite Japan - Translation page for helping understand YJ Auctions. Excite is in the middle of the page.
Yahoo! Finance - Currency Conversion Table

U.S. Anime Sites - Retail sites for cels and anime items, in no particular order.

The Right Stuff International - An on line anime store.
miki's junk jungle - Private seller with lots of cels and backgrounds.
Intense Anime - An on line store (eBay). Site for cels and other anime items.
E-Anime - Anime related items, no cels - Anime Production cels
Nichibei Anime - Anime cel store and more.
Anime Chaos - Moving from Cels and sketches to a full time deputy service.
AnimeNation - Site for anime items and info.

Mix 'O Web sites - Screen shot sites and other places of interest to monkeyboy.

New Ippo Anime - Japanese site for the new shows ?????? New Challenger
Nippon TV Site - TV site for New Challenger series.
Anime News Network - Anime, Manga and so much more!
JOLT! - Hajimeno Ippo (Fighting Spirit)Resource Center, lots of amazing stuff.
Spectrum Nexus - Site has rotating volume scans of Hajime no Ippo manga, Berserk and Kenshin manga also.
Hajime no Ippo.Net - Fan site for Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit). With Episodes, screen caps. and much more! Site is in French.
Japan Culture Club - A fun site for things Japanese! non anime related
Map of Rubbersluggers - A frappr map with some of the people who have Rs galleries.
Best Anime - Anime search site.
Image Gallery of Animes - Screenshots from NT,HT and some other shows (no cels).
DragonBall Paradijs - Look on left list for screenshots from DB/Z/GT & movies (no cels).


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