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For those who like, have a cup of virtual sake and read on.

I started collecting cels and sketches of DragonBall Z after watching the show. Like so many fellow cel collectors I was/am addicted to this! The majority of my DragonBall collection is of Son Goku and Son Gohan. And as you've seen, my collection has as many sketches as cels. They express the true artwork in the process of animation. IMHO

If you have not had a chance to see "Now and Then, Here and There" YOU SHOULD!

It's not a lightweight anime. Some of the subject matter in the story line is not for young children and the story will make you think. It is an anime that people like or dislike.
As for me, "Now and Then, Here and There" (ima sokoni iru boku) is an anime show I like very much.

I wish to say ARIGATOU to a very kind Japanese collector of NT,HT cels. Thank you Gen for the Amazing cels!

Another "sleeper" show I like is Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo). It has a wonderful mix of comedy and action. Check out the Ippo series in the gallery for more info.

Let it be known that the respective studios own all anime copyrights. This gallery is a collection of production cels and sketches owned by monkeyboy.

Again, none of my collection is for sale/trade.

I hope you enjoyed the cel Bento and sake! ^_^

Thanks for looking at my Rubberslug site.

To learn more about cels go to- Anime-Beta cel production info.

The following sites are where I purchased items for my collection:

Nichibei Anime, Takamura Store, Animaxis, Anime Cels World, Mandarake, Anime i-land, Anime Taro/Museum, Mangaya, Hobby shop RAXA, Anime Dep. deputy service, Celga deputy service, Howdy_com,, Animanga Cel Shop, Anime World Star, Miki's junkjungle and Anime Chaos.
On eBay- skye-lin, ryusoken, luvasianladies, icollect_online, Intense Anime, knights.who.say.nee, dracofthesharpsmiles, lizzard, project-rx_com, Pudge, jesans24, genrou, Hirokazu, dfunksaddiction, may_solt, yomichi*ryoshuu, slabadessa and
Private sellers- Anime Jewell, Katana's Edge, Cel Freak, dbzmomma, jenn-b, Sarah, nesuferit, and DBC.

I want to thank every one of them,
they are all great and easy to deal with.

If you want more information, I have posted some of the URLs for the retail sites on the links page, check it out.


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